European Travel Plans Likely to Take a Hit after Nice Attack

The Bastille Day attack in Nice has had a negative impact on the European tourism sector. In recent times different regions in Europe have suffered from various concerns related to terrorist attacks and the refugee problems. France has been the major sufferer as there have been some major setbacks since September last year. Though the flights are still on but last week two cruises lines were cancelled due to concerns over the attack in France. More than 80 people were killed during the celebrations in Bastille Day and this has really hurt the sentiments of the vacationers.

European Travel Plans

Though France has extended the emergency and there is tight security around the country but people are still in a state of shock and horror. It might be too early to predict whether the tourists are canceling their trips but some recent activities do suggest that tourism has slowed down. According to the data collected from World travel and tourism council the reports suggest that there has been a drop of around 22% in bookings when compared with the same period last year. France has always been one of the top choices of vacationers around the world and this makes it more prone to terror attacks. People expected to revive the tourism sector slowly but steadily, but the repeated attacks are not helping the cause.

If the attacks continue to happen and the security is not tightened then this might affect the economy and there would be a drastic slide in the bookings. This is not only limited to France as various other regions in Europe have witnessed a downfall and people are considering other options. The authorities in France expect tourists to be back and help in revving up the conditions in France. The leaders have promised strong actions and they are doing all it takes to gain the confidence of travelers around the world.