Top 5 Travel Destinations in Vatican City

Vatican City is the main head quarter of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a must visit place in Europe which exhibits iconic architecture and art. The place is filled with many interesting sightseeing spots. The chief among them include:

St. Peter’s Basilica:

St. Peter’s Basilica

It is the major place of attraction in this historic city whose foundation dates back to the period of sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. This bascilla reflects marvelous piece of European craftsmanship which is surely going to mesmerize the visitors. It was associated with the Protestant Reformation movement of Martin Luther.

Vatican Museums:

It represents conglomeration of huge complex that have been mainly established for displaying renowned pieces of artwork around the world. The major attractions here are the wonderful artistic works of Michelangelo, Raphael and that of the artifacts and art of ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece.

Piazza San Pietro:

It is situated close to St. Peter’s Basilica and was established by Bernini during the period between 1656- 1667. It was developed for easy assembly of the pious Christian followers from all-round the globe. The place is much crowded during delivery of blessings and other ritualistic ceremonies by the Pope.

Cappella Niccolina:

It is mainly known for series of wonderful frescos of the Florentine monks during the early period of Renaissance. Here visitors have the chance to witness some of the marvelous artworks of renowned painters and artists of the period.

Vatican Library:

This library contains vast source of information in the form of manuscripts of about 80,000, hand written medieval books about 2500 and so on.

Vatican City which is a popular travel spot in the country has also been enlisted into the UNESCO’S World heritage site lists. It offers ample amusement and exploration for the tourists.