Top 5 Travel Destinations in Turkey

From geographical perspective, Turkey is a country that serves as a connecting link between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The country is mainly known for its glorious historical pasts. Presently, it has acquired the attention of global tourists because of enormous places of attractions. Some of the landmark destinations are:


The place is mainly popular because of beaches and for its old town that houses various historical spots. It is the ideal place for relaxation and the main attractions here are Old Harbor, Old Town, YivliMinare, Aspendos etc.



It is the capital city of the country whose establishment dates back to the period of about 1000 BC. It was used to be the seat of power for Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Landmark travel spots are AyaSofya, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome and many more.


It is a popular seaside resort of this country which was previously used to be a fishing village. The place is ideal for spending summer vacation with friends and families. Center of attractions here are Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum Theatre, Myndos Gate and such other spots.


It was used to be the most important city of erstwhile province of Pamphylia. The place had attained its top glory during the period of Roman rule as the leading commercial hub of the region. Major sightseeing spotsare Aqueduct, Acropolis etc.


It was previously called as Symrna during the period of antiquity and is based in the Agean coast of this country. Landmark destinations include Konak Square, Teleferik and so on.

Turkey due to its unique geographical position has always been a considerable source of attraction for the visitors. It is the ultimate meeting place of eastern and western civilization.