Top 5 Travel Destinations in Spain

From tourism point of view, Spain is a spectacular holiday destination for global travelers. It forms an integral part of Iberian Peninsula after Andorra and Portugal. Popular travel spots in this country include the following:


It was used to be the former capital of this country till the period of sixteenth century. The place has been inhabited by communities like Muslims, Christians and Jews for several centuries. Its landmark destinations are Alcazar, Museo El Greco, Museo de Santa Cruz etc.


It is the capital and the largest city of this country. It is also known for sizzling nightlife activities and the most colorful among the major cities of Europe. Renowned travel spots include Archaeology Museum, Prado Museum, Puertadel Sol, and many more.


It is situated below the Sierra Nevada Mountains and was used to be the erstwhile capital of erstwhile Moorish kingdom thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. The city exhibits perfect blending of the traditional cultures with various spectacular places of attractions. Notable among them are Capilla Real, Albaicin, Alhambra, etc.



It is based in the northeastern part of the country and is one of the major travel destinations in Europe. This place is remarkable for buzzing nightlife, vibrant culture and historical monuments. Star attractions here are BarriGotic, Casa Mila, CasaBatllo etc.


It is another well-known place to be visited in Europe. It is the capital of Andalusia as well as the cultural and financial hub of the region. Major landmark attractions include Real Alcazar, Santa Semana, Bull Fighting Museum and Real Maestranza Bull Ring.

Spain is as travel destination is quite popular among adventure loving visitors. Apart from sightseeing they can involve in various cultural and adventurous activities like bull fighting, trekking and so on.