Top 5 Travel Destinations in Hungary

Hungary is a well-known tourist spot in Central Europe. Despite being a landlocked nation, it attracts visitors to explore the corners of the dramatic cityscape. Some of the renowned travel spots in the country include:



It is the capital city of the country and is also hailed to be as Paris of the East. It serves to be the most essential place of various cultural and political activities. Top sightseeing destinations are Hungarian National Museum, University Church, Buda Ring etc.


It is the 2nd largest city which is located in the northern part of the country. The city has grabbed spotlight for its red wines, dishes, historic buildings, thermal baths and castles. Landmark travel spots of this place are Minting Museum, Panopticum, Gothic Palace and many more.


It is the 3rd largest city and also the sunshine capital of the nation. It is based in southern part of Budapest and is known for rich cultural and historical legacies. River Tisza forms romantic background of this city. Popular places are Lake Feher, Szeged Synagogue and so on.


This place is situated close to the borders of Austria and Slovakia. It is an ideal place to visit in Europe for viewing splendid city center and wonderful Baroque buildings. Major travelling spots are Calvary, Basilica etc.


It is situated close to the border of AUSTRIA and is a perfect exploring spot for day trippers. The place is surrounded with various Baroque and medieval buildings. Major attractive spots are Firewatch Tower, Lackner House and so on.

Hungary despite being a small nation draws visitors from all round the world. Visitors have the opportunity to taste its various local cuisines and to be involved in hiking and trekking activities.