Top 5 Travel Destinations in Belarus

Belarus is a small landlocked nation of Eastern Europe that can offer innumerable places of attractions to the visitors. Although it is a less visited place in Europe but is now emerging as a leading destinations for global tourists. Vital travel destinations include:



It is the present capital of this country and is mainly popular for the Soviet era architectural monuments with beer pubs and theatres. Fascinating sightseeing spots of this place are Island of Tears, Victory Square, National Library of Belarus etc.



It is the 4th largest city of this country and is the capital of Vitebsk Region. It is also enjoy the status as of the leading cultural hub of this landlocked nation. Vibrant sightseeing places include tram Museum, National Academic Dramatic Theatre and so on.



This town is located in the Brest Region of this country and forms the heartland of Kamyenyetski Rajon. The place is notable due to St. Simon Church, Oleska Monument, War Memorial, Lenin Monument and others.



It is the capital of Slonim district of Grodno Region and is based in the confluence of Isa and Shchara rivers. Major sightseeing spots include Convent of Benedictine, Chapel of St Dominic and many more.



It is another notable city in the Brest Region of this nation. The place is mainly known for its landmark sightseeing spots that include Victory Monument, Spaski Monastery, Mikalaj Church and others.

Belarus has been witnessing decent economic progress and due to its scenic landscapes and historical monuments the country can hope to further improve the profitability of the tourism sector. People coming here have the chance to know many unknown historical facts along with admiring the architectural craftsmanship of the medieval period. Visitors will never be able to forget the trip of this country.