Top 5 Travel Destinations in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan was previously a province of the erstwhile Soviet Union that shares boundaries with Caucasus Mountains and Caspian Sea. It has now emerged to be a favorite holiday destination for young couples to spend a memorable vacation. Well known places of attractions include:



It is the capital of this country which is also the major center of commercial and political activities. It has acquired limelight due to remarkable travel spots like Palace of Shirvan Shahs, YanarDagh, Baku Boulevard,Dendro Park and so on.


It is the 2nd largest city of this country and was previously called with the name of Elisabethpol during the time of Tzar ruled Russia. Major sightseeing spots here are Central Museum, Shah Abbas Mosque, Tomb of Nizami, Medieval Bath so on.


It is situated close to the coastal belt of Caspian Sea sharing border with the southern part of Iran. It is one of these spots where pre-historic men settled during the period of Bronze Age. Renowned places of attractions are Xanbulan Lake, YanarBulag, Hirkan National Park and many more.


It is situated close to the coastal belt of Caspian Sea and is the 3rd largest city of this country. It was once enjoyed the status of a leading industrial zone during the time of erstwhile U.S.S.R. Popular sightseeing destinations are Sarai, Novkhana etc.


It is the capital city of Quba Rayon province of this country. The place is mainly remarkable for good quality apples and its scenic mountain background and cool summer climate is the main source of tourist attractions.

Azerbaijan is soon becoming a popular place to spend wonderful vacations with family and friends. People visiting this country will be impressed by the hospitality of its local people.